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The 8 Wisdom Foundation is dedicated to educating, elightening and empowering individuals with the core understanding of true self-worth, self-respect, and self-love. This brings one to a higher state of mindfulness or self-understanding that leads to new hope and new possibilities. The result is a more compassionate, empowered, loving, and healthy state of mind, and hence a more joyfilled and peaceful world.

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The 8 Wisdom Foundation, established by author, speaker, peak performance coach and spiritual teacher Howard Falco, is a non-profit tax-free charity, 501(c)(3), dedicated to educating and enlightening as many people in the world as possible with the wisdom and self-awareness that increases one's sense of self-love and self-worth. The results are a new belief in oneself and in individual and collective possibility.  The intent is to raise the collective consciousness of the world through a new more powerful understanding of our unlimited worth and collective potential. More on Howard can be found here at his two websites - & 



Howard's teachings on self awareness are offered in talks and speeches, and in his two books on human understanding, creation, and potential. The books are, "I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are", and "Time in a Bottle: Mastering The Experience of Life". Both books are published by Penguin Group and available everywhere books are sold. They offer some of the deepest and most impactful wisdom in the world on self-awareness, understanding and empowerment. Read more about his books here - HowardFalco/Amazon & TheBookIAM



The single most important factor to the quality of one's life is based on personal identity or self-definition. A change in one's view of themselves can have an immediate positive impact on their life and on all those around them. From the critical formative years grammar school to high school, college and beyond, the potential to touch lives and change hearts and minds to more love and compassion with this work is endless. 

The work

Powerful Self-Awareness

Self-realization is the path to healing, clarity, peace, self-empowerment, and creative inspiration. 

Educating with Wisdom that Inspires

A big part of what has been missing in the education of youth and society as a whole is understanding the truth about the nature of personal possibility. To uplift and inspire a new generation with a new insight on personal identity is a big mission of The 8 Wisdom Foundation

Changing the World One Mind at a Time

The next evolution of humankind is a conscious evolution. The non profit foundation will work to raise the awareness and wisdom of millions of people from the inside out. The intent is for each individual , as the ancient Greeks said, to "Know Thyself" from a new more empowered and loving perspective. 

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Who We Are


The work comes from the teachings and breakthrough insights of author, speaker and sprirtual teacher Howard falco

The Work


The work is offered in two books on human understanding and potential - I AM & Time in a Bottle 

Our Intent


The Intent of The 8 Wisdom Foundation is to share this enlightening and liberating wisdom with the world. To make sure the work is available around the world. 

Howard Falco


Howard Falco is an author, speaker, spiritual teacher and peak mental performance coach to college and professional athletes. 

Why Self Awareness?


Self-awareness is the path to the empowering knowledge and wisdom that liberates hearts and minds and leads to a fulfilling life. 

Your Support


Your support of this non profit will ensure that the work, wisdom and teachings get to those who need it most in a way that has the biggest impact possible on the consciousness of the world at large. 


Empower Lives

Help others who are suffering from the confusion of a limited or corrupted identity see the truth of who they really are! 

Increase Love Reduce Fear

By revealing the truth about each individual  and releasing more self respect and self love fears fade away and a new reality is born. 

Raise Consciousness

Our survival is based on the continued expansion of our collective consciousness. By teaching thousands about the truth of who they are the consciousness of the world is lifted. 

Help Raise Consciousness

Your wonderful support and contributions will enable us to accomplish the mission of raising consciousness, elevating hearts and minds, and putting this life changing work in the hands of thousands of people.

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Howard Falco discusses the key to happiness, self empowerment, peace & fulfillment.



The interview is about the work in his book" I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are".

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